On the Move - Moving Checklist for Buyers & Sellers


Congratulations! Now comes the fun part…the process of moving!

Send Change of Address to…

□             Post Office

□             Friends & Relatives

□             Credit Card Companies

□             Insurance Company (Life, Health, Home, Auto Insurance)

□             Newspapers &/or Magazine subscriptions (several weeks in advance)

□             Ministry of Transportation/Communication (car ownership/drivers licence)


Notify & Make Arrangements for…

□             Children (Schools, Babysitters, Daycare)

□             Medical, Dental & Hospital records (Transfer of x-rays, prescriptions, etc)

□             Church, Service Clubs (Transfer memberships, etc.)

□             Bank Accounts (Transfer funds, arrange chequing in new locality, change transit    numbers for any automatic cheque payments, safety deposit box)

□             Insurance Coverage for new home/address

□             Pets (Check regulations for licences, tags, vaccinations & local veterinarian)

□             Utility Companies (Gas, Hydro, Hot Water Tank, Phone, Cable.  Get refund of any deposits made)

□             Gardening Company (Check lawn care contract at your home)

□             Legal Records (Contact your lawyer if you have one or retain one)


Other Things to do…

□             Hire a Mover (Check out their Insurance coverage, check cost & decide who is packing & unpacking, set arrival day and time).  Most of the time you won’t get the keys to your new home until 4 p.m.

□             Clean out closets, basement storage areas, garage & shed etc. (Have a garage sale before moving)

□             Defrost the freezer (Plan to use of foods before moving)


Moving Day…

□             Carry with you: money, jewellery, documents, items you will need immediately upon arrival such as screwdriver/tools, light bulbs, pet food, toilet paper, dishes, baby equipment, snacks, kettle, tea or coffee equipment

□             Advise movers what is to be loaded last so it is unloaded first at your new home

□             Pets: Arrange for special needs when travelling. Best if they are out of the Movers’ way at both loading and unloading locations

□             Double Check: Closets, drawers & shelves to be sure nothing is left behind

□             Keys: Leave all keys needed by the new owner with your lawyer or spare ones including the mailbox key on the kitchen counter with any applicable manuals, warranties for appliances, garage door openers, etc.

□             Cleaning: Its always nice to acquire a new home that has been cleaned…floors mopped, rugs vacuumed, bathrooms & kitchen wiped down.

□             Last Check: Just before leaving…check that the furnace or air conditioner is adjusted accordingly & the telephone has been disconnected. Check that meters have been read. Turn off lights, lock windo